We would like to congratulate Rhea Gibson for being selected as the Outstanding Senior in Computer Science at Murray State University.  During a ceremony on Friday, April 26th, Rhea was recognized in front of faculty and peers for her academic achievements.  In addition, she was also awarded the Robert P. McCann Scholarship, a scholarship designated for a high achieving student in the CIS program.  We are thrilled that Rhea has been recognized for her efforts and know that she will continue to be successful after graduation.

Since January 2018, Rhea has worked with Industrial Training Services as a quality assurance intern, finding and documenting any problems or glitches while testing applications and products. Every system or computer application update goes through a rigorous testing process to ensure potential issues are found before releasing to clients. Our quality assurance team is valuable to the success and reputation of our company, and we are proud to partner with Murray State University to place interns within our company.