OQ Essentials


What is OQ Essentials?

The Industrial Training Services (ITS) Operator Qualification Essentials Course explains the purpose of Operator Qualification (OQ) for your company and workforce, the importance of an OQ Program, and the services ITS provides to help companies meet training and OQ requirements.

The OQ Rule establishes guidelines for pipeline operators and contractors to assess and qualify individuals to safely and effectively perform specific covered tasks on pipeline facilities, creating a standard for qualified individuals and safe pipeline facility installation and maintenance.

Covered tasks are defined in an operator’s written plan which defines specific job functions or activities their personnel are qualified to perform on a pipeline facility. To be considered a covered task, an activity must answer yes to all of the following questions:

  • Is the activity to be performed on a pipeline facility?
  • Is the activity a maintenance or operations task?
  • Is the activity required by either DOT 49 CFR 192 or 195?
  • Will the activity affect the pipeline’s operation or integrity?