Warren Miller
Regulatory Compliance Specialist

ITS has worked with Warren Miller for years as a consultant and now he is on the home team as ITS’ Regulatory Compliance Specialist. Warren brings 40 years of energy experience to Industrial Training Services. Read Warren’s full industry experience.

ITS assists leading energy companies in ensuring their employees stay compliant and are prepared to maintain and protect our nation’s energy infrastructure. Warren’s addition greatly enhances the portfolio of ITS consulting services and we look forward to guiding your company through the process every step of the way to compliance.


Operator Qualification | OQ Plan | OQ Compliance

OQ Plan

  • Newly developed or revised plan
  • Onboarding as a client or standalone service
  • Covered tasks based on ASME B31Q or API standards
  • Developed for your specific company requirements
  • OQ plan review
    1. Annual review of current program for gaps regarding newly released regulations
    2. Includes review of any changes in company operation in the past year
Operator Qualification | Train Proctors | Evaluators

Additional Plan Reviews

  • O&M Plan
  • Integrity Management Plan
  • Control Room Management Plan
  • Drug & Alcohol Plan


Operator Qualification | Testing | Training

OQ Program

  • Review records of qualifications
  • Review management of contractors
  • Onsite review of operations
  • Review company/contractor personnel performing covered tasks onsite
Operator Qualification | Train Proctors | Evaluators

O&M Program

  • Onsite evaluation of your operations and maintenance program, including records
  • Review of facilities, regulator stations, valve settings, and other locations
  • Review of required regulatory documentation
  • Observe performance of operation and maintenance work
Contractors | Operator Qualification

Integrity Management

  • Review of required program elements (i.e., repairs, assessments, records, etc.)
  • Assess the processes of communication and integration of data for decision making
  • Review consequence areas determination process
  • Review processes for program effectiveness and improvement
Contractors | Operator Qualification

Control Room Management

  • Review current CRM plan and records
  • Assess the facility
  • Review processes and interaction with planning and operations sections of company

Contractors | Operator Qualification

Drug & Alcohol

  • Review current anti-drug and alcohol plan
  • Review records of tests, testing location certifications, etc.
  • Review reporting history


Operator Qualification | Train Proctors | Evaluators

Regulatory Mock Audit

  • Provide mock audit on any or all pipeline regulatory programs
  • Inspection of procedures and records during vital audit
  • Inspection of procedures, records, and field performed during onsite audit
  • Use federal or appropriate state inspection form to perform audit
Operator Qualification | Train Proctors | Evaluators

Pipeline Regulatory Training

  • Develop and provide onsite or virtual training for operators and contractors
  • Training can be generic or specific
  • Fundamentals of pipelines
  • Regulatory training: specific to a section or the entire part (192 or 195)
  • Can be developed to different audience needs
Operator Qualification | Reporting | Analytics

Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Review the process to acquire companies and personnel
  • Ensure emphasis on available records and their acceptability
  • Review for all operational modes


  • Executive summary
    1. Provides information on gaps found during assessment
    2. Recommendations to address found gaps in procedures, records, or findings
    3. Can recommend revision language for procedures or processes
    4. Provide general program status and possible administration strategies
  • Executed audit forms
  • Formal presentation to selected audience
  • Develop plan forward to address findings
  • Exit review after service
  • Additional deliverables upon request


Additional Consulting Services

ITS can provide additional consulting services and help develop specific program reviews. Contact us to submit your request.


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Industrial Training Services, Inc., a woman-owned small business headquartered in Murray, Kentucky, has provided innovative training products and best-in-class support to the energy industry for over 30 years. ITS is dedicated to maintaining lasting customer relationships by providing groundbreaking and industry-proven compliance tools, training, and products to streamline complex operations and help meet safety, regulatory, and qualification standards.

ITS has been the first to market for a variety of digital products to support the pipeline industry, helping to replace cumbersome, outdated paper processes and give business leaders the peace of mind their employees are well-trained and records are secure.

Industrial Training Services has been approved as an Accredited Provider by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET).  In obtaining this accreditation, ITS has demonstrated that it complies with the ANSI/IACET Standards which are widely recognized as standards of good practice internationally. As a result of their Accredited Provider membership status, ITS is authorized to offer IACET CEUs for its programs that qualify under the ANSI/IACET Standards.

ITS clients are found in all 50 states and are among the largest energy compliance providers in the nation. Follow ITS on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

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