Many ITS clients may remember completing a virtual reality (VR) training survey in September 2020. From the hundreds of responses, over half provided an interest rating of 8 or higher (out of 10).

To that end, ITS is proud to announce that we have teamed with Duke Energy to pair interested clients with their new Virtual Crew VR training service.

With this new offering, Duke Energy will provide existing VR training modules ranging from leak detection surveys to joining plastic pipe, but they can customize simulated field training to meet your specific needs. Virtual Crew training modules can also be created for non-utility scenarios, such as active shooter response training.

In addition to the ability to customize VR training to your company-specific needs, Virtual Crew provides

  • an immersive and interactive experience,
  • the opportunity for sensory reaction (a greater sense of reality),
  • real-time feedback, and
  • increased user attention on the training experience.

VR training completed in Virtual Crew will be documented just like any traditional written exam, performance evaluation or training record thanks to integration with the OnBoard® LMS.

According to Duke Energy’s press release, their natural gas business unit “will realize savings of approximately three hours per course in training time per technician through the use of VR and forecasts savings of more than $500,000 in operational costs per year, including travel and instructor expenses.” They also state that technicians trained through Virtual Crew “were able to perform tasks three times faster than technicians receiving classroom-based training.”

“Virtual Crew is a natural extension of ITS’ history of innovation, using technology to simplify and enhance worker training,” says Stephanie Balmer, president and COO of ITS. “ITS is thrilled to work with Duke Energy to add virtual reality to our portfolio of industry-leading training and curriculum, and we look forward to future product enhancements that continue to meet the needs of the energy industry.”

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