Over the years, ITS has been proud to offer internships to select qualified students from Murray State University. ITS offers interns valuable professional experience to supplement their degree. Rhea Gibson, a recent ITS intern, was recently featured in our local newspaper, The Murray Ledger & Times.

Rhea Gibson is a junior from Evansville, Indiana, studying computer information systems. Since January 2018, she has worked with Industrial Training Services as a quality assurance intern, finding and documenting any problems or glitches while testing applications and products. Every system or computer application update goes through a rigorous testing process to ensure potential issues are found before releasing to clients. Our quality assurance team is valuable to the success and reputation of our company, and we are proud to partner with Murray State University to place interns within our company.

One of Rhea’s favorite components of her work with Industrial Training Services is the autonomy encouraged among employees. Gibson said she and her fellow employees feel trusted to complete their work without being micromanaged and encouraged to take on new responsibilities to further develop their skills.

“I’ve fallen in love with the freedom Industrial Training Services provides,” Gibson said. “Every morning starts with a huddle up and then we’re allowed to work on whatever needs to get done for the rest of the day.”

Overall, Gibson added she believes her internship has not only been an opportunity to experience the technology industry first hand, but it has also introduced her to a new network of professionals.

“Regardless of what field you go into, it’s always great to have experiences and references before you graduate,” Gibson said. “Connecting with people in your field will give you another leg up against the competition on top of the degree you are already pursuing.”

To access the full story, visit the Murray Ledger & Times website.