We would like to announce Stag Safety has partnered with ITS as an Approved Provider.  Stag Safety helps businesses maintain standards and compliance through tailored training, consulting and safety program management. They provide as-needed safety solutions, with an emphasis on finding the most effective and suitable packages for your business.

They offer over 100 training courses, drug/alcohol collection, and safety program management to meet any needs you may have. Their comprehensive safety training includes topic-based training sessions, skill-building exercises, regulatory compliance and more.  Their training is geared toward specific industrial requirements or exposure scenarios of all kinds.

Stag Safety’s field safety consulting provides invaluable on-site support for project reviews, safety culture surveys, accident investigation, safety management and many other useful forms of assistance.  Their Safety Program Management Programs feature ongoing reviews and consulting, record keeping, safety manuals, checklists, process & procedure development , DOT compliance, codes & standards compliance and more.

In addition, Stag Safety offers Operator Qualifications (OQs) to evaluate your employee’s ability to perform covered tasks and recognize abnormal operating conditions (AOCs) for pipeline operators.

Contact Brandon McCurry for a free consultation and honest, transparent recommendations, call 817-721-9326 or visit stagsafety.com to get started.