We are excited to announce Pipeline Partners as our newest Approved Provider. With over 18,000 man hours of instructor-led training in 2017, Pipeline Partners is Northern California’s largest provider of OQ training and evaluation services to pipeline contractors and their crews.

Their hands-on training replicates real-world situations and is taught by seasoned professionals working in the field every day. In addition, Pipeline Partners offer a wide array of interactive videos and quizzes for pre-qualification, reference, and review. You can visit www.pipelinelearning.com for a demo by enrolling in free online courses.

A growing part of their business is Outsourced OQ Management Services where they manage all or part of a contractors OQ program. With the rising complexity of maintaining a qualified workforce, contractors can count on Pipeline Partners to provide the expertise and transparency they need to maintain a qualified workforce today and in the future.

Contact John Murphey at info@pipeline.partners or by calling 503-292-8078