ITS would like to welcome our newest Approved Provider, A.A. Trident Services Group. A.A. Trident Services Group is a company comprised of a highly qualified group of individuals to perform as OQ Evaluators, Trainers and Consultants. With over 100 years of combined experience in the industry, they are able to ensure exceptional customer service, knowledge of industry standards and state and federal regulations. As an ITS Approved Provider for the gas industry, their goal is to establish and maintain the highest industry standards by providing evaluations for both small and large contractors.

Ken Harrison is the President of A.A. Trident Services Group. Prior to joining A.A. Trident Services Group, Harrison worked for a major LDC as General Manager of Technical Training. He has experience managing training centers and OQ responsibilities for both Utilities and Utility Contractors.

Additionally, Harrison is a member of numerous industry committees with credentials as an evaluator and master trainer.

Contact Ken Harrison for a consultation, call 609 668-3286.

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