We would like to welcome MAGRLS INC. as our newest Approved Provider for natural gas, hazardous liquids, and propane. MAGRLS INC. is a woman owned company with over 43 years of experience in natural gas distribution, transmission, liquid pipeline and propane work.  John Goetz is the Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President.

Prior to forming MAGRLS, Goetz worked 33 years for a major LDC in Illinois and retired as Director of Operations, Maintenance & Construction.  After retirement, he worked 10 additional years for a large gas & electric utility commercial and industrial construction contractor. He has experience managing training centers and OQ responsibilities for both a contracting company and a utility.  Additionally Goetz holds a BS Civil Engineering Degree and an MBA . He is a CPWI with credentials in several OQ protocols as an evaluator and master trainer.

Professional Industry & Standard Committees

  • ANSI – GPTC ( Gas Piping Technology Committee) Operator Qualification and Distribution Technical Committees (Currently)
  • AGA (American Gas Association) Plastic Committee Member (AGA (American Gas Association) 1993-1996
  • AGA Distribution & Construction Committee Member (currently)
  • G.R.I. (Gas Research Institute) Distribution Projects Advisory Committee Member (1997-1999)
  • I.S.A.S. (International Approval Services Committee) formerly Americans National Standards B.21 Committee Member 06/1993 – 08/1995)
  • Depaul University Adjunct Faculty Member, School of New Learning 1999

Professional / Industry National Awards

  • 2014 American Gas Association (AGA) Silver Award of Merit
  • 2007 American Gas Association (AGA) Bronze Award of Merit
  • 2004 American Gas Association (AGA) Distribution Achievement Award for Outstanding Contributions in the Gas Distribution Area
  • 1999 American Gas Association (AGA) Milton Heath Award – Outstanding Contributions in the Distribution Area

Professional Publications

  • Co-Author of 2006 edition of the AGA (American Gas Association) Plastic Pipe Manual
  • Co- Author of white paper Controlling Factors for Using Large Diameter High SDR Polyethylene Gas Pipe ( presented at AGA 2007 Operations Conference) 2007
  • Co-Author of white paper THE TEN BILLION DOLLAR STANDARD-ASTM D-2513, 2009


John Goetz
10754 Eagle Ridge Drive
Orland Park, IL
Ph: 708-528-4575