ITS would like to welcome our newest Approved Provider, J-B Consulting Safety Training, LLC, a safety training company headquartered in West Virginia.

J-B Consulting’s desired focus is building a strategic relationship with contractors and the general public to make them aware of our company’s commitment to safety and quality training for the natural gas industry. J-B Consulting accommodates an all-inclusive opportunity of expert and construction training services in the natural gas and oil industry, while emphasizing training, evaluation, and safety for employees and the general public.

The company aims to enable natural gas employees and contractors to acquire and possess the training, knowledge, skills, and competency they need to perform natural gas operations in a safe and efficient manner. J-B Consulting helps personnel anticipate and face challenges and difficult situations they may encounter.

J-B Consulting desires to create a positive impact by training and qualifying employees and educating customers and the general public.

For J-B Consulting’s contact information, please visit our AP page.